Wearing our red face together

The burning feeling, the angry redness, the hypersensitivity and pulsing – and that is just how your red face feels! Inside, you feel even worse. Worried, anxious, impatient, defensive, maybe even ashamed about not meeting society’s ideal for perfection. And in such a visible way! You inevitably draw looks from people around you, making you the centre of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Is there a safe place to go, some refuge, to give you and your red face relief from the public eye and the raw exposure?


Red skin takes an emotional toll that also needs attention

Dermatologists agree that beyond the uncomfortable physical aspects of red and blotchy cheeks, flushing and rosacea, these are all accompanied by the weight of their psychological impact. In terms of rosacea alone,

90% of patients experience a fall in self-esteem and confidence*

41% of patients don’t feel comfortable socialising*

88% of patients with severe rosacea have their professional relationships affected*

51% of patients miss work because of severe rosacea*



Do any of these sound familiar? Don’t let the burden become too heavy. Talk about you’re the redness on your face with your dermatologist, who can help you in terms of knowing what to expect.
It is also helpful to get in contact with other people who suffer from red skin like you do. They will have similar experiences and be able to empathise with how you feel.

Life would be much simpler if it were possible to predict rosacea flare-ups! Meetings, events and friends could all be planned for the good periods, leaving your red face out of all that social interaction.
Several trigger factors are easier to control. Simply by avoiding hot drinks, sudden temperature changes or the sun, you can have a positive effect on your skin. Stress, however, is not quite so easy to contain. Yet it is one of the most important things that you can manage.

morning rush

As much as possible, take some time for yourself, and find an activity that soothes your mind and your muscles. It could be yoga, gentle physical exercise, a movie with friends or playing a game with your family. Do your best to evacuate the day’s events, negative thoughts and time pressure that all have a tendency to build up… So that in the morning there is no rush, just getting ready for a normal day.


Beyond the physical discomfort of red skin and rosacea is the shame you may feel when having to interact with others. You run into so many people every day. The bus driver, the barista, colleagues at work, clients at lunch, the grocery line-up until finally, you return to the safety of your home. What is everyone thinking? Are they judging? Maybe they think you neglect your skin when it just has a mind of its own!

Other people only see the visible side of your red skin, but you know all too well that there is an invisible side too. You need a lot of courage to look people in the eye when your face is flaming.


To conquer your anxiety and self-consciousness, remember that you’re much more than your skin. It’s part of who you are but it’s not all of who you are. You’re a whole person with a unique experience and valuable views. For everyone around you, make what is invisible about you more important than what is visible. Focusing on your strengths can help you get past the stigma and judgement. And there’s no harm in giving your self-confidence a boost with some concealing make-up. Be sure to choose products that are adapted to rosacea and your skin’s needs, and that also let it breathe.

sensibio AR - stronger

Is it sunburn? Bad acne? Are you wearing sunscreen? Oh you should get that looked at! Sometimes people are curious, most often they are well-meaning, but when the same questions get asked day after day, it can get tiring to always hear them.

Behind the questions, there may be assumptions about your lifestyle and hygiene which you know to be plainly wrong. Rather than the looks, it may be this constant concern for your well-being that makes you want to not go out – when in fact, you’re doing very well, thank you very much.

sensibio AR - alone

Stay confident in the care that you and your dermatologist give your skin and rosacea. You know yourself better than anyone. Listen and trust yourself.

stay confident

sensibio AR - friends

When stress comes from all sides, you can easily want to stay home and live under a rock. But other people suffering from red skin and rosacea like you can also help you cope and share the weight of your problems.

There is an enormous #skinpositivity community online speaking out about difficult skin conditions, from acne to atopic dermatitis to #rosacea. Why hide away when there are so many of you who feel so much better once you’ve shared?

Your experience can help someone else.
Embrace this collective strength and let it carry you forward. You’re not alone.

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