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  • ABCDerm

    Paediatric Dermatology

    Biological evidence: Throughout pregnancy, your baby’s skin is enveloped in a natural film called “vernix caseosa”. Thanks to its nourishing and antioxidant properties, this impermeable barrier preserves your baby’s fragile skin. However, 2 to 3 days after birth this natural protection disappears leaving your baby's skin thinner, more sensitive and more delicate than adults' skin. Also, as sweat and sebaceous glands are not working well, the hydrolipidic film is thinner and protects less the skin. 
    BIODERMA’s biological answer: BIODERMA has developed a range of high-tolerance dermo-paediatric products that protect, educate and nourish your baby’s skin from their very first days, preparing their skin for tomorrow. This range was created in line with ABCDerm’s dermatological commitments: SAFETY, EFFICACY, TOLERANCE and TRACEABILITY.
    The full ABCDerm range
  • Sensibio

    Sensitive to Redness-Prone skin

    Biological evidence: Sensitive skin is less resistant when it comes to irritants, which makes it even more fragile. The skin's natural biology needs to be protected and strengthened, and its tolerance threshold needs to be increased.

    BIODERMA’s biological answer: The biological patents ToleridineTM and RosactivTM treat sensitive skin’s imbalance at the source. The skin’s tolerance threshold is increased, and redness diminishes. Skin is soothed and becomes more resistant and therefore better protected from irritants. In a lasting way.

    The full Sensibio range
  • Hydrabio

    Dehydrated skin

    Biological evidence: Dehydrated skin, made more fragile by irritants, loses its glow. To be rehydrated, the skin needs help generating within its depths the water that is indispensable to its natural balance, and retaining this water at its surface.

    BIODERMA’s biological answer: The AquageniumTM biological complex stimulates the skin’s natural moisturising capacities to generate the water the skin needs to be balanced deeply. Thanks to an emulsion inspired by the structure of epidermis the active ingredients penetrate in a targeted manner. Rehydrated, the skin is comfortable, supple and radiant. In a lasting way. 

    The full Hydrabio range
  • Atoderm

    Normal, dry, irritated to atopic sensitive skin

    Biological evidence: Dry and irritated skin are weakened and more prone to letting irritants penetrate, which weakens it even further. The hydrolipidic film needs to be biologically restored for the skin to regain its strength.

    BIODERMA’s biological answer: Skin Barrier Therapy TM patent and Skin Protect Complex physically and biologically recreates a healthy skin barrier. The binding and proliferation of bacteria on the skin that cause aggravated skin irritations are limited thanks to the patented formula. The skin is soothed, comfortable and more resistant. In a lasting way. 

    The full Atoderm range
  • SĂ©bium

    Combination, oily to acne-prone skin

    Biological evidence: Acne-prone skin produces more sebum which has a lower quality. Pores get clogged, blackheads and spots appear. Sebum has to return to a normal state to have healthy skin. 

    BIODERMA’s biological answer: Thanks to the unique combination of the FluidactivTM patent, for the 1st time, a skin care allows the skin to recreate sebum close to that of healthy skin and thus acts on the primary cause of acne. Skin is clear, soothed and purified. In a lasting way. 

    The full SĂ©bium range
  • Photoderm

    Sun Protection

    Biological evidence: The sun is aggressive on the skin and attacks skin cells. Skin is weakened and less capable of protecting itself. To do so, it needs to stimulate its natural defences and benefit from exterior protection. 

    BIODERMA’s biological answer: The patent Cellular BioprotectionTM provides a high protection as well as UVA and UVB filters that preserve and stimulate the skin’s defences. Skin is protected from the sun, from the inside and outside. In a lasting way. 

    The full Photoderm range
  • NodĂ©

    Hair and scalp

    Biological evidence: Like the skin, a hydrolipidic film protects the hair which most shampoos wash away. Hair follicles increase their action to make more of it and hair becomes greasy. Hair needs to be adapted with a non-aggressive care to be protected

    BIODERMA’s biological answer: The Non-Detergent concept both cleanses the hair and respects the hydrolipidic film on hair and the scalp. Hair is in perfect health. In a lasting way. 

    The full Nodé range
  • Cicabio

    Damaged and irritated skin

    Biological evidence: Damaged skin is susceptible and permeable to irritants. It changes in appearance and weakens at the surface and deep inside. The entire reconstruction process needs to be supported and stimulated to repair the skin. 

    BIODERMA’s biological answer: The active ingredient AntalgicineTM rapidly soothes uncomfortable sensations and reduces the urge to scratch. Cicabio acts at each step of the epidermal reconstruction process. Skin is calmed, and the skin barrier is visibly and profoundly repaired. In a lasting way. 

    The full Cicabio range

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Sensibio Gel Moussant

The soothing mild cleansing gel with a reinforced hydration.

Sensibio Foaming Gel