Take up the acne challenge and make your skin smooth again! The skin supporter program is here with you and for you at each step, thanks to our experts’ help and advice. When acne is such a trial for such a long time, the key to success is to hold firm and stay motivated right to the end!

Look at our articles to get all the advice from our experts throughout your treatment.

Getting rid of acne can often take a long time. It tests both your skin and your motivation. Our mission is to fight any discouragement you may feel by providing overall support for acne-prone skin. To help you keep going during and after treatment. To teach the patience needed day after day when dealing with acne. To give you the support you and your skin need on this long journey. Sébium Sensitive, along with our program, is your best skin supporter. #AdoptaSkinSupporter


Your greatest aid in returning your skin to a healthy balance is Sébium Sensitive, Bioderma skin supporter care product:

  • It soothes side effects caused by acne medical treatments (redness, tightness, discomfort…)
  • It minimises blemishes and prevents them from appearing


Sébium Sensitive is a daily skincare specifically formulated for acne-prone skin. It can be used before, during or after the treatment prescribed by your dermatologist.

  • BIODERMA product photo, Sebium Sensitive 30ml, treatment for acne prone skin
  • Daily care

    Acne-prone skin Sensitive and weakened acne-prone skin

    InflaStop™ technology

    Sébium Sensitive

    The daily care for sensitive & acne-prone skin. Soothes, rehydrates, eliminates spots and rednesses.

    For whom ?

    Adults, Adolescents

  • BIODERMA product photo, Sebium H2O 500ml, micellar water for acne prone skin
  • Non-rinse daily cleanser

    Combination to oily skin Acne-prone skin

    Micellar technology

    Sébium H2O

    The dermatological micellar water that cleanses, removes make-up & purifies the skin without drying it.

    For whom ?

    Adults, Adolescents

  • BIODERMA product photo, Sebium Gel moussant 500ml, shower foaming gel for oily skin
  • Rinse-off daily cleanser

    Combination to oily skin

    D.A.F. patent

    Sébium Gel moussant

    The purifying gentle cleanser that removes impurities & controls shine.

    For whom ?

    Adults, Adolescents

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