The unique Sébium Night Peel is one of the newest developments in the Bioderma Laboratories, made up of three active ingredients:

  • 15% Glycolic Acid
  • D-Panthenol
  • FluidactiveTM Patent

With its 15% Glycolic Acid, one of the highest on the market, this treatment has a keratolytic effect on the skin allowing it to reduce scars, lesions, treat blemishes & improve the skin’s radiance. The D-Panthenol is extremely soothing & repairs the skin’s barrier while the FluidactivTM patent maintains the quality of the sebum & prevents squalene from oxidation.

There are 2 way of using it:
- as a complementary care to aesthetic procedures: before & after to prolong the dermatological peeling efficacy.
- as a gentle peel at home: every night for one month, four times a year.


Who can use it?

It was developed for adults & adolescents with oily/combination skin to light blemish prone-skin.

This treatment targets dull skin, hormonal breakouts, blemishes, brown marks, uneven complexion & lack of radiance.


Proven Effectiveness

The results are visible in 28 days only*:

  • 90% patients observed a smoothed skin
  • 80% patients observed a reduction in imperfections
  • 75% patients observed an improvement in their skin’s radiance.


*20 female volunteers aged 22 to 50 (average age 37) with combination skin and mild blemishes on the face. 47% of the panel also had sensitive skin – Results after 28 days

For a gentle peel at home, we recommend to use it every night as a 4-week treatment – 4 times a year, seasonally.

It is important to remember that the Sébium Night Peel is to be used only at night time. Indeed, the Glycolic acid’s keratolytic action on the surface leads to UV sensitivity. As well, the skin is more permeable to active ingredients at night and this allows for better cell regeneration & renewal.

Step 1: Before applying the Sébium Night Peel, make sure that your skin is clean and dry. You can gently cleanse your face with our Bioderma H2O Micellar Waters or our Bioderma Foaming Gels.

Step 2: You can then apply the Sébium Night Peel all over your face and massage the product in circular motions. Leave the product on overnight.

Step 3: In the morning, cleanse your face with your Bioderma cleanser.

Step 4: Apply your daily care.


Bioderma recommends three different daily care:


  • Hydrabio SérumPerfect to boost your skin’s radiance & smooth your skin!
  • Sébium GlobalThis perfect duo will help to eliminate spots, prevent their recurrence & reduce imperfections!
  • Sébium Pore Refiner: Ideal for tightening pores & evens your skin tone!

Now you know everything about our new Sébium Night Peel! The ideal product to boost your skin's radiance, even your skin tone & reduce imperfections. Always remember to use it at night only, on a clean & dry face and cleanse it in the morning.


BIODERMA product photo, Sebium H2O 500ml, micellar water for acne prone skin

Non-rinse daily cleanser

Combination to oily skin Acne-prone skin

Micellar technology

Sébium H2O

The dermatological micellar water that cleanses, removes make-up & purifies the skin without drying it.

For whom ?

Adults, Adolescents

BIODERMA product photo, Sebium Gel moussant 500ml, shower foaming gel for oily skin

Rinse-off daily cleanser

Combination to oily skin

D.A.F. patent

Sébium Gel moussant

The purifying gentle cleanser that removes impurities & controls shine.

For whom ?

Adults, Adolescents

Night care

Combination to oily skin

Fluidactiv™ patent

Sébium Night Peel

The gentle peel to unveil the skin.

For whom ?

Adults, Adolescents

BIODERMA product photo, Sebium Pore refiner 30ml, for acne prone skin

Daily care

Combination to oily skin

Fluidactiv™ patent

Sébium Pore refiner

The dermatological corrector for persistent enlarged pores.

For whom ?

Adults, Adolescents