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Bath time

Understand It Better — Take Better Care of It


Baby's skin is more fragile than adult skin because it is in development. As sweat and sebaceous glands are not working well, the hydrolipidic film is thinner and protects less the skin. More sensitive, baby's skin needs specific movements and cares to ensure its health and well-being.

  1. How can I gently cleanse my baby's skin?
  2. What products can I use?

How can I gently cleanse my baby's skin?

During the first week of life, babies lose their protective film called Vernix, created during pregnancy. Then, besides having fragile skin, their immune system is very delicate. We give you some advice to help you cleanse and take care of your baby's skin gently:
> Bathe your baby three-times a week maximum: Too frequent bathing during the first year of life can remove the baby's skin protective natural oily film and leave your baby vulnerable to bacterias and infections present in his/her new environment. Two to three times bathing a week is more than enough, considering babies don't get so dirty, except for the diaper and mouth area (refer to our non-rinse cleansing solutions
> Gentle rocking movements make it easier to calm baby, helping him/her to relax and appreciate the bath with you.
> Comfort baby: During bath time, comfort baby by placing your hand on his/her belly and speaking softly. Baby will be reassured, more comfortable, so a nicer time spending in the bath.
> Wash baby's clothes before wearing: Once bath time over, come the time to dress up! However, it is important to always wash clothing before dressing your baby to avoid any irritation. To do so, clean the clothes of the baby with fragrance- and dye-free baby laundry detergents only, and separated from family's laundry.

What products can I use?

Gentle baby products, as ABCDerm range, are necessary to respect baby's skin balance and the hydrolipidic film. Indeed, only gentle ingredients will ensure to do not irritate your baby's skin but to make him/her comfortable (one reason less to cry!)
Two types of products 
> ABCDerm Gel moussant, Foaming gel: its light foam preserves the integrity of baby's skin barrier to cleanse its skin and scalp gently. It leaves the skin and hair soft and supple.
> ABCDerm Shampooing: Respects the balance of the first hair of your baby for complete care of the scalp and the hair.