ABCDerm - Paediatric high tolerance baby range

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15 May 2018

Marion, Bioderma Ireland

ABCDerm, a high tolerance answer in respect of your baby’s skin

Thinner and more fragile, baby’s skin is vulnerable to its new environment. ABCDerm range follows the highest standards and tolerance to respect the baby’s skin balance and protect it.abcderm_baby_range


In the first three weeks of life, babies have a deficit in hydration, and their skin barrier is immature & fragile. This leads to an increase of trans-epidermal water loss, the loss of water within the skin cells.

Intense dryness is the consequence of this skin issue in 65% of newborns, who show strong scaling on the hands, ankles and feet.


It has been shown that the baby’s skin is much more permeable than the adult's one.

A microscopic study proves that the baby’s skin has a dense microrelief and smaller epidermal islets (the cells in diamond shape groups that you can see on your skin). This characteristic explains the softness of a baby’s skin and why it is more permeable than adult’s.


For all those specificities of baby’s skin BIODERMA created ABCDerm, a high tolerance dermo-pediatric skincare, in line with its four dermatological commitments:

o   Safety: Through a rigorous selection of active ingredients and the exclusion of those whose total security is not absolute by using allergen-free components.

o   Efficacy: Selection of the purest active ingredients at optimal doses for proved dermatologic efficiency and absolute respect of the skin.

o   Tolerance: Limit the number of ingredients (minimalist formula to ensure safety and comfort).

o   Traceability: All our products are monitored through every step of the process, from production to the sales outlet, for usage in absolute safety.

BIODERMA has formulated high tolerance products for each of your baby’s skin needs & problems: bath time, non-rinse solutions, normal to dry skin, atopic skin, nappy rash, cradle cap, irritations around the mouth, sun and baby.