protect environment and skin

At BIODERMA, we deeply respect people and our world. BIODERMA is a NAOS brand. Ecobiology is at the heart of the NAOS approach, to better preserve and strengthen the skin within its ecosystem. That ecosystem is also part of a larger world. NAOS’s purpose extends beyond that of skin care to include human care. We constantly question the status quo and our responsibility in contributing to a positive future for everyone. It’s this perspective that drives us to revise our product formulations and participate in actions that are focused on making a positive impact on the planet.

eco-designed formulas

Scientists are currently studying how sunscreen affects marine environments. In these early days of study, neither organic nor mineral filters can be claimed as better than the other. Both leave their mark in different ways.


However, we can’t run the risk of skin cancer when out in the sun. Since we need to use photoprotection, BIODERMA continually improves its products based on the latest scientific information available, both about ingredients themselves and their impact. With science continually progressing, it is our duty to provide both greater dermatological safety and more effective protection. This entails carefully choosing our chemical and mineral filters. We improve textures to make spreading easy and even, and to make our sunscreen highly water-resistant. We also offer a variety of product formats and bottles to adapt to different uses and lifestyles. All individuals can find the exact photoprotection they need.


To further improve our eco-designed formulas for Photoderm MAX SPF50+, Photoderm MAX Lait Famille SPF50+ and Photoderm KID Spray SPF50+, we followed four rules:

1. We meticulously select our active ingredients to minimise the impact on the marine environment. For example, we do not use silicones.

2. Our formulas are very water-resistant to minimise the effect they have on the marine ecosystem. For example, we do not use water-soluble filters.

3. We test formulas to be sure they do not bleach coral or disturb algae’s photosynthetic activities.

4. We test our formulas using independent laboratories.

environmentals ecosystem

High test levels have little to no impact on coral and algae

We purposely tested high concentrations of the formula on coral and marine algae growth. The tests showed that our eco-designed Photoderm MAX formula has little to no effect on pieces of coral and algae. In the natural environment and at normal levels of use, Photoderm MAX’s formula1 presents no danger to the environment2.


1MAX SPF50+ Spray 400ml, 200ml, Lait famille, KID Spray SPF50+

2Evaluation of algae ecotoxicity on marine algae and coral cuttings Seriathopora hystrix. Tested by Eurofins Expertises Environnementales 2018.

Beyond what we can do with our own products, we are also dedicated to supporting actions around the world that are long-term, relevant and focused on the environment.

The Plastic Odyssey is a vessel that will leave in 2020 to travel for three years around the globe with the objective of fighting plastic pollution. By experimenting with and refining recycling and recovery methods, Plastic Odyssey hopes to draw our attention to improving waste management and reducing our dependence on plastics.

The ship itself has a laboratory on board for recycling plastic and turning it into energy. It will be making 30 stops on its voyage. At each, it will help local populations transform plastics into useful objects and materials, adapting the proposed solutions to local needs.

By educating, raising awareness and developing a network of local plastic ambassadors, Plastic Odyssey is aiming to make us all see plastic as a resource and not just waste.


Plastic Odyssey’s ambitions resonate with BIODERMA, NAOS and our human care outlook in a number of ways. We can summarise them in the five reasons below.


1. This is a world first. Plastic Odyssey is the first floating laboratory dedicated to plastic waste recycling and reduction, while also helping to build small and simple recycling units and waste reduction initiatives for local communities around the world.

2. Plastic Odyssey’s mission deserves attention and visibility for creating public utility at all stops along its path and beyond.

3. As the vessel travels, it will be reducing plastic waste in the ocean and helping to create jobs in developing countries.

4. The journey will show that it’s possible to develop a sustainable use of ocean resources by combining human intelligence, community actions and protection of the environment.

5. Together, we can all create alternatives to plastic and test them in real time on board the boat.


BIODERMA is proud to be part of Plastic Odyssey’s ongoing campaign in the coming years.