Baby's skin - Sun protection

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Sun and baby

Understand It Better — Take Better Care of It


Baby's skin is more fragile, more sensitive and thinner than adults' skin. Consequently, babies quickly suffer the heat stroke and damage from sunburn. Then, protect child's skin is crucial. We give you elemental precautions and advice to protect your baby in the first years of his/her life.

  1. How sunburns can happen?
  2. How to fully protect babies' and children's skin?

How sunburns can happen?

Contrary to conventional ideas, this is not the heat or the light of the sun that burns the skin, but the UV, ultraviolet produced by it. At all time, summer or winter, sunny or cloudy day, the skin is at risk, and your babies' skin is even more. Even more, the sun's rays also bounce off the water, snow, cement or any other surfaces. 
That's why, as much as possible, we recommend to spend your time for outdoor activities before 10 am or after 4 pm. 

How to fully protect babies' and children's skin?

Babies' and children's skin are particularly vulnerable because of the UV rays produced by the sun. Fully protect them by following these easy steps:
> Keep baby in protected spots particularly from birth to 1 years old - use sunshade, stay under a tree at the park or under an umbrella.
> Dress him/her in protective clothing - choose light-coloured clothes that will reflect the heat and keep the skin cooler. Swimsuits and special t-shirt, made with sun protection into it, are the perfect outfit to enjoy outdoor activities while protecting your babies' skin! And of course, never forget the hat, that covers the face and the back of the neck, and the sunglasses with UV protection.
> From 1 years old, apply sunscreen every two hours - Use high SPF sun cream such as Photoderm KID SPF 50+ 15 to 30 min before going outside and reapply every two hours or after each swim.
> Protect from the heat - Cool your car before to go for a ride, always keep with you plenty of hydrating drinks (water, breast milk, ..etc..)
> Prepare yourself - Get yourself the BIODERMA diaper bag to stock your nappies, creams, hat, sunglasses, sun cream and everything you need. Also, keep in your car an extra outfit for more protection in case you decide at the last minute to stop in a park, and our baby is not covered up enough.