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Baby bump

Understand It Better — Take Better Care of It


You are not alone now but two! Your skin will stretch to form your baby bump and leave space to your baby who will be rolling from one side to another. It is essential to look after this new body part that needs moisture, protection and attention.

  1. Which routine to nourish and protect my baby bump?
  2. How to bond with my baby bump?

Which routine to nourish and protect my baby bump?

During pregnancy, your body will receive more hormones, and your baby bump's skin will be stretch as long as your baby is growing up. Those facts make the skin drier and itchier than usual. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise are now your best ally. From shower to outside, you need a highly moisturising skincare routine to maintain your skin balance and your comfort during pregnancy:
> Shower: Cleanse while moisturising your skin with Atoderm Huile de douche. This shower oil, unlike usual body wash, does not foam on the skin, respecting its balance and preserving the natural hydrolipidic film that protects it from water loss. The natural hydration of the skin is preserved for a better skin comfort right from the shower.
> Skincare: Everyday, moisturise your skin with the ultra-nourishing cream Atoderm Crème. It boosts the skin's moisture level by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid while protecting the skin thanks to its lipid-replenishing action.
> Sun protection: Your baby bump is the only barrier between your growing child and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Consequently, during outdoor activities or holidays, keep your baby bump covered from the sun under a parasol or a tree. Plus, protect your baby bump with Photoderm MAX Crème SPF 50+ that offers optimum protection against UV rays. Combined with internal biological protection, it activates the natural defences to protect the cells of your skin from within.

How to bond with my baby bump?

> Talk to your baby
From 15 weeks, the ears of your growing child will be developed enough to hear your voice, and he/she will recognise your voice from others from 20 weeks. Talking and singing to your bump is excellent to create a bond with your unborn child while being pregnant.
> Tone up your bump
During pregnancy, work out on your abdominal area. It won't change the size of your baby bump, of course, the place for your baby will stay the same, but it will help you for labour-time and make it easier when will come the time to get back your post-baby body.
> Rest up
Rest will be the advice you can get during pregnancy. You are two in one body. Especially from the third semester, you should rest when you can to improve your blood flow and make it easier the development of the cells of your baby.