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15 February 2019


In 2019, adopt the Double Cleansing Routine



This year, rejuvenate your skin and give it the little bit of TLC* that it deserves after the rush of Christmas & January! Grab the opportunity to get your radiant glow back in your skin.

Let’s introduce your new skincare routine:


During the day, your skin fights against pollution, weather & environmental stress. And, during the night, the skin works faster to eliminate enzyme and toxins on the surface of your skin, mostly your face.  It never stops to protect you!

All these factors can make your skin sensitive, dehydrated, oily or even develop light acne. Both in the evening & morning, cleansing is the essential step of your routine. But in 2019, take it to the next level by ‘Double cleansing’ the skin:



When skin is sensitive, it’s an uncomfortable state. It provokes burning sensation, tightness and apparent redness. Fight back! Soak a cotton pad with Sensibio H2O Micellar water to remove pollution, waterproof make-up, and fine particles off your skin. Then, keep up the good work by double cleansing with Sensibio Foaming gel directly on your damped skin. Work it into a foam for 2-3 minutes before rinsing.




Dehydrated skin is a lack of water within your skin cells. It is due to an alteration of your skin protective layer which allows the natural moisture to go away. Remove impurities on your skin with Hydrabio H2O and double cleanse while hydrating your skin with Hydrabio Milk, which will remove all fine particles.




If your skin has got a breakout during the last few weeks, making it oily and with apparent spots, use Sébium H2O with Sébium Foaming gel as your double cleansing routine. Their blue colour is due to the active ingredient copper that will purify your skin to rebalance it.

Removing the surface impurities before applying your skin treatments is one of the most important things to do to get that fresh, clean and smooth complexion. After that, you’ll need to apply a new layer of cream or serum to maximise the results.

Products that might interest you: Hydrabio Sérum, Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30, Sébium Global, Sensibio Light.


*TLC=Tender Loving Care