Get the perfect skin for the party season!

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11 November 2019

Get the perfect skin for the party season!


Winter is coming and the countdown to Christmas is starting soon! Like everybody, you want to get the best of your skin for the party season and for the festivities. Adopt our BIODERMA winter skincare routine and follow our tips for the best skin prep!

First step: Cleanse your face!

The first key step in any skincare routine is to remove all the dirt and bacteria from your skin by cleansing it in the morning and evening time. In the morning, if you’re in a rush, you cleanse your face with one of our three micellar waters: Hydrabio H2O (dehydrated skin), Sensibio H2O (redness & sensitive skin) or Sébium H2O (oily, combination & acne-prone skin). Simply pop the micellar water onto a cotton pad and cleanse off excess sebum & toxins from the night before or from product left on the surface of the skin.

In the evening time, take it to the next level by double cleansing the skin. First step, cleanse and remove your make-up with either a foaming gel from the Sébium or Sensibio range, otherwise with our Hydrabio Milk. Second step, complete the double cleanse with your favorite H2O micellar water!

BIODERMA’s tip: Because the skin tends to be more dehydrated during winter than the rest of the year, we recommend our Hydrabio H2O micellar water. The AquageniumTM patent present in the Hydrabio range biologically reactivates natural hydration process and water circulation in the cells. The result is lasting hydration & freshness, perfect for dehydrated winter skin! Your skin is cleansed, hydrated and decongested.


If you are not sure about which BIODERMA product would best suit your skin type, have a look at our article about the double cleansing routine. We explain the different cleansing routines for each skin type!

Second Step: Moisturise & extra care

The next and most important skincare step to take over the winter period is moisturising.  It is advised that you moisturise twice a day as the cold weather causes your skin to dry out. Moisturising is necessary to rehydrate the skin to boost radiance and make you look fresh and healthy.

BIODERMA’s tip: Enrich your skincare routine with BIODERMA’s 3 combos including Hydrabio Sérum, Sensibio Eye & Hydrabio Mask. If you haven’t tried them yet, you are missing out!


The Hydrabio Sérum is the ultimate booster treatment. You can use it morning and night, before applying your make-up or night moisturiser. It generates instant & long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin glowing and radiant. 


The Sensibio Eye is the perfect eye treatment if you want to stimulate the circulation and brighten the appearance of the eye area. The association of both Caffeine & Hyaluronic Acid active ingredients, helps to reduce puffiness & fine lines to decongests the eye area. Apply it on your ring finger and gently tap from the inside to the outside of the eye until completely absorbed.  


Last but not least, the Hydrabio Mask is your go-to if you are looking for an intensive hydration boost. Its soft and creamy texture will immediately transform your skin, leaving it deeply hydrated, soothed & radiant. You can use it every evening as a one-week intensive treatment and it can be left all night.


Third step: Body hydration

Don’t neglect your body during this period; hot showers and central heating can cause the skin to become dry and flakey. A hydrating body wash is an easy way to rehydrate the skin straight from the shower. After the bath or shower, apply a moisturiser all over the skin to deeply and lastingly rehydrate all dry skins that lack lipids during the cold season.

BIODERMA’s tip: find your shower duo
- Atoderm Shower gel + Atoderm Cream => Sensitive & dry skin
- Atoderm Shower oil + Atoderm Intensive Baume => Very dry to Atopic skin








And don’t forget your hands & lips! These areas are the most exposed and can be the first to suffer from external aggressions. Include the Atoderm Hand Cream & Atoderm Lip Balm in your regular skincare routine and make sure your lips and hands are nourished and protected all winter long!

Now you have all our best tips to prepare your skin for the party season: from the face to the body, including your hands & lips! Go even further with our extra advice for a hydrating & protective routine here!