Back to school, back to acne blemishes?

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14 August 2018

Marion from BIODERMA

Back to school, back to acne blemishes?

For most of Ireland, the arrival of September means back to Work and for others, it means back to School. But for those with acne-prone skin, it means the return of acne blemishes!

For yourself or your teenager, what can you do to help to recover the self-confidence?


Get familiar with the acne “rebound effect”

The “rebound effect” is by definition the appearance or the re-appearance of symptoms that were reduced or controlled for a while. Summer brings more intense and recurrent UV rays that reach everyone’s skin’s surface. The skin will naturally become thicker to protect itself and so will cover acne blemishes which seem to reduce and even to disappear. However, after Summer when you get back to school or work, the UV rays are less prominent, and skin returns to its standard thickness. All the acne blemishes, which were merely hidden until now, are out; and your self-confidence or the one of your teenager are now gone!

But don’t worry that is just for a time, a straightforward skin care routine can treat acne blemishes.

Mild to moderate acne, my solution

If you have only a few acne blemishes, there is no reason to panic. The essential thing is not to touch the imperfections with your hands as it could bring more bacteria on your skin and so risk further acne blemishes proliferation.

Routine: Morning and evening > Cleanse your skin with Sébium H2O that will remove all impurities from the skin (even makeup) and purify the skin. You may also double cleanse with Sébium Gel Moussant for more intense skin treatment.

Severe acne, my help

The flare-ups for severe acne are more significant than any other kind of acne. You must opt for a complete skin care treatment routine to clear, purify and cleanse the skin.

Routine: Morning and evening > Double cleanse your skin with Sébium H2O first to cleanse impurities (and makeup) off the skin; then, Sébium Gel Moussant, to deeply wash and unclog pores. Morning and evening > Apply Sébium Global after your cleansing routine, it will moisturise your skin, treat and eliminate your acne blemishes while preventing their recurrence.

Mild, moderate and severe acne blemishes are bothering only for a period, but for long-term results, you must follow an Acne skin care routine regularly.

You can do it, clear skin and self-confidence are waiting for you at the end of your SĂ©bium Skincare routine!

Good to know:

For oily to combination skin > SĂ©bium Pore Refiner to reduce pore size and mattify the complexion.

For dry skin weakened by an acne medication treatment > SĂ©bium Hydra to regulate the quality and quantity of your sebum plus to compensate any loss of moisture.

For you ladies > SĂ©bium Global Cover to treat imperfections while providing full coverage of acne blemishes.