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Normal to dry skin

Understand It Better — Take Better Care of It


Just like adults', babies' and children's skin get dry but in a faster and deeper level because their skin is sensitive and fragile. Cold, warm, textiles, can affect their natural moisture. That's why, on a daily basis, it is essential to moisturise each part of your baby's skin to ensure its comfort.

  1. What can I do to reduce my baby's skin dryness?
  2. What products can I use?

What can I do to reduce my baby's skin dryness?

1. Bath time: Bathing can remove the skin's natural oils as much as dirt, and so dry the skin. To avoid this problem, you may merely cut 30-min bath to 10-min, and reduce a bit the temperature of the tub water.
2. Moisturise: Once the bath time over, dry your baby's skin with a towel and moisturise immediately. Applying the moisturiser straight away will help the water still present in the skin to stick to it and so, to boost natural hydration.
3. Pool, sea & ocean: Both chlorine and salt water can dry out the skin. Our advice is to rinse your baby's skin after the swim to remove all chlorine and salt residue and then moisturise on damp skin.
4. Hydration: Dry skin may be dehydrated, laking water within the cells. To boost the natural moisture of the skin, always keep water not far from you to offer it to your child as often as possible.
5. Cold: Winter, wind and cold weathers can be a source of skin dryness. Make sure to dress your child in mittens, thick cloths, and/or hat.

What products can I use?

Once to twice a day, after bath time and during the day, it is essential to moisturise your baby's skin to ensure proper hydration within the cells and feel a skin supple and fresh! To do so, one product suits normal to dry skin:
> ABCDerm Hydratant: The moisturising milk that softens and protects baby's skin for a long-lasting strengthens baby's skin barrier. Fresh, creamy and delicately scented, ABCDerm Hydratant leaves skin soft and moisturised all day long.