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Babies' skin does not get dirty as fast as adults' skin. Then, it is recommended to bathe baby only up to 3-times per week. Meanwhile, to cleanse the diaper and mouth area, a non-rinse solution is essential to gently remove dirt, impurities and anything that is on the skin.

  1. Why are non-rinse cleansing solutions good for my baby?
  2. What is BIODERMA approach?
  3. What products can I use?

Why are non-rinse cleansing solutions good for my baby?

1. Because tap water can contain irritants and components that might attack the skin making it uncomfortable, non-rinse solutions use only natural component. Non-rinse water solutions are formulated with gentle active ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy and the safest application for healthy skin.
2. Those solutions leave the skin moisturised, soothed and fresh. 
3. Making parents' life easier, non-rinse solutions do not need any rinsing afterwards and can be used on any part of baby's body such as diaper area, neck, face, ..etc.. At home or while travelling, it will never have been easier to maintain your baby's skin cleansed and fresh!

What is BIODERMA approach?

Beyond this non-rinse solution concept, BIODERMA created micellar water in 1995. Micellar water is the most gentle water cleanser. Containing limited ingredients, it is tested through purifying tests to reach a highly purified water.
Acting as a magnet, it draws off all impurities, residues and dirt that's on the skin.
For baby's skin, micellar water is excellent. Indeed, during the first months of life, the hydrolipidic film enveloping the skin and protecting it from water loss is thinner. Then, when tap water or usual cleanser can irritate the skin and alter this film, micellar water protects it to respect the skin's natural balance.

What products can I use?

In the ABCDerm, dermo-paediatric skincare of BIODERMA, there are two types of non-rinse micellar water solutions. Two products, two textures according to your preference:
> ABCDerm H20 Micellar Water: apply by soaking a cotton pad 
> ABCDerm H2O Wipes Micellar Water: each wipe is impregned with the micellar water for a rapid cleansing on the go or at home