Baby's skin - Perioral Dermatitis

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Irritations around the mouth

Understand It Better — Take Better Care of It


The irritations around the mouth are called Perioral Dermatitis, which is an inflammatory rash around the mouth area that looks like an acne skin situation.Perioral episodes can last few weeks or months, but it is an easily treatable skin condition with the right skincare treatment.

  1. What are the causes & symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis?
  2. How to treat those irritations?

What are the causes & symptoms of Perioral Dermatitis?

The Perioral Dermatitis appear on babies' and children's skin from three months to five years old. Those irritations are due to the accumulation of saliva and of the amylase contained in it that will irritate the skin and make those small red spots on the skin. 
Perioral Dermatitis looks like acne, but with a red bumpy rash around the mouth, folds around the nose and can even spread until the eyes contour. 
Burning and itching can also be one of the symptoms, in particular, if and when the rash worsens.

How to treat those irritations?

To treat Perioral Dermatitis, it is essential to keep the mouth and nose contour cleansed to avoid the accumulation of saliva, and so the irritations. To do so, you may follow this easy skincare routine daily:
> Cleanse: use a non-rinse water solution, such as ABCDerm H2O or ABCDerm H2O wipes, to cleanse after eating or anytime you see an excess if saliva. 
> Treat: you may use ABCDerm Péri-Oral. Completely safe for your baby, it soothes irritations and repairs the mouth area to recover a healthy skin. Thanks to its Amylpriv™ patent, composed with Tamarind extract, it actively fights amylase, an enzyme present in saliva.