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Specific care

  • Normal to dry skin

    Just like adults', babies' and children's skin get dry but in a faster and deeper level because their skin is sensitive and fragile. Cold, warm, textiles, can affect their natural moisture. That's why, on a daily basis, it is essential to moisturise each part of your baby's skin to ensure its...

  • Atopic skin

    Baby's skin can become atopic due to a variety of factors such as cold, heat, bacteria, fungus, ..etc.. However, unlike adults' skin, most baby skin conditions disappear over time but sometimes, a special care, treatment is necessary. 

  • Nappy Rash

    Between 9 to 12 months old, Nappy Rash can appear on your baby's skin. Due to nappy-wearing, it causes a sore and irritated skin around the nappy, plus covered in pink, blemishes or even red spots. The good news is that it can be treated with a skin care routine!

  • Cradle cap

    Cradle cap corresponds to those yellow greasy, scaly patches appearing on your baby's scalp. Prevalent skin condition, harmless and pain-free, you have no worry to make. A simple skincare cleansing routine is necessary to restore the healthy scalp of your child.

  • Irritations around the mouth

    The irritations around the mouth are called Perioral Dermatitis, which is an inflammatory rash around the mouth area that looks like an acne skin situation.Perioral episodes can last few weeks or months, but it is an easily treatable skin condition with the right skincare treatment.

Cleanse baby's skin

  • Non-rinse

    Babies' skin does not get dirty as fast as adults' skin. Then, it is recommended to bathe baby...

  • Bath time

    Baby's skin is more fragile than adult skin because it is in development. As sweat and sebaceous...


  • Pregnancy mask

    Pregnancy mask, also called chloasma, is a prevalent skin condition that most of the pregnant...

  • Baby bump

    You are not alone now but two! Your skin will stretch to form your baby bump and leave space to...


  • Sun and baby

    Baby's skin is more fragile, more sensitive and thinner than adults' skin. Consequently, babies...