Bioderma Christmas List: How to please your loved ones this Christmas?

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06 December 2019

Bioderma Christmas List: How to please your loved ones this Christmas?

The countdown to Christmas just started; Only a few weeks before the festivities!
We know that sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect present for your loved ones, that’s why this month we created for you the Bioderma Christmas list!

Christmas List

Christmas Collection 2019: The Bioderma Christmas Sets

This year Bioderma doesn’t have one but two Christmas Sets! And also one for babies.
Dull skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin or baby’s skin? Don’t worry, we have the perfect Christmas Set for you!

The Skin-Soothing Set

Bioderma Christmas Set - Skin sooting

Our Skin-Soothing Set, composed of the Sensibio Foaming Gel & the Sensibio Light is the perfect daily routine suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. You will find all the essentials for gently cleansing and deeply moisturising the skin.

First, let’s learn a bit more about the Sensibio range! It is specially formulated for sensitive to redness-prone skin & it helps to increase the skin’s tolerance threshold. The ToleridineTM patent present in the Sensibio range is the combination of the two perfect active ingredients: the Enoxolone, that is an anti-inflammatory & the Golden algae extract, that limits irritations.

You can find the ToleridineTM patent in the Sensibio Light Cream. This gentle moisturiser is an excellent make-up base that soothes tightness & overheating sensations. You can apply it morning and night, on a clean and dry face.

The Sensibio Foaming Gel gently cleanses your face and eyes, removes make-up while preserving your hydrolipidic film. Your skin is left clean, soft and comfortable. You can use it morning and night and it’s ideal for facial shaving.

The Hydration booster Set

Bioderma Christmas Set - Hydration Booster

The Hydration Booster Set is perfect if you want to improve your skin’s radiance and deeply rehydrate your skin.  There is a selection of two of the key products to stimulate your skins hydration: the Hydrabio Milk & the Hydrabio Serum.

The Hydrabio range is specially formulated for dehydrated skin and the patent present is the AquageniumTM patent. The two active ingredients in this patent – the Vitamin B3 & Apple seed extract - biologically reactivate natural hydration process & water circulation in the cells and prevent water evaporation from the skin.

How to use the products?
First you can use the Hydrabio Milk to gently cleanses your face and remove make-up. Thanks to the AquageniumTM patent, it will not only cleanse your face but also moisturizes and protects your skin. It is a non-rinse make-up remover that you can use in morning and evening times.

Then, you can apply the Hydrabio Serum. This moisturising concentrate generates instant & long-lasting hydration. It also restores radiance & soothes the skin. You can use it in the morning & evening, and its extra-fresh gel texture is also perfect as a make-up base.

The ABCDerm Christmas Set

Bioderma Baby Christmas Set


This Set is the perfect gift for a new mum! You will find all the essentials for the baby's Pampering Routine: The ABCDerm Foaming Gel & the ABCDerm Hydratant.

Bioderma has developed a range of high-tolerance dermo-pediatric products that protect, educate and nourish baby’s skin from their first days, preparing their skin for tomorrow. All the ABCDerm products are Hypoallergenic & Paraben-Free.

How to use the products?
First step, gently cleanse the baby’s scalp & skin with the ABCDerm Foaming Gel. It preserves the integrity of baby’s skin barrier, leaving the skin and hair soft & supple. Plus, its light foaming gel texture is ideal for playful bath time!

Second step, after bath time, apply the ABCDerm Hydratant on the baby face & body. This baby moisturiser prevents the skin dryness & strengthens baby’s skin barrier in a lasting way.

Both products are extra safe & gentle and can be used from baby’s very 1st day.

Bioderma complementary cares

Looking for a small gift to complete your Christmas presents? We have what you are looking for!

The Hydrabio Mask

Bioderma Hydrabio Mask

The perfect complementary care during the winter season!
This moistursing mask is ideal for sensitive dehydrated skin. It deeply hydrates the skin, generates intense comfort, radiance & suppleness. You can use it every evening as a one-week intensive hydration boost treatment and it can be left all night.

The Sensibio Eye
Bioderma Sensibio Eye


Puffiness, irritation or small wrinkles in the eye contour area? The Sensibio Eye is made for you! It is the perfect eye treatment if you want to stimulate the circulation and brighten the appearance of the eye area. It also helps to reduce puffiness & refines lines to decongests the eye area. Apply it on your ring finger and gently tap from the inside to the outside of the eye until completely absorbed.

The Atoderm Hand Cream & Lip Balm

Bioderma Atoderm Hand Cream & Lip Balm

Make sure your loved ones’ hands & lips are nourished & protected all winter long!
Indeed, most of the time people forget about their hands & lips! But these areas are the most exposed and suffer from external aggressions every day. The Atoderm Hand Cream & Lip Balm restore chapped, dry hands & lips, leaving them moisturized and protected.

Now you know everything about our Bioderma Christmas Collection & complementary cares. Sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, hand & lips; we have everything to nourish and protect your loved ones’ skin!

Looking for advice to take care of your own skin before the party season? Have a look at our Bioderma winter skincare routine here