Back to school, make some savings this September!

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10 September 2019

Back to school, make some savings this September!

September is here! For most of you, it is time to go back to work or to school. This time of year can often be expensive: buying new clothes, books, notebooks, all the school materials, and maybe a new bag. How can you save money during this period? Here are all our tips and advice to make the best savings!

Back to school, make some savings this September


Products for the whole family

Is your bathroom filled with lots of products suitable for each member of your family?

We’ve got you covered!

Family logo for products suitable for all the family


In BIODERMA’s ranges, you’ll notice that some of our products have a family logo at the bottom left corner. 
This small vector means the product can be used from birth (except premature). Then, babies, children and adults can all use the same product.

Here are some of the products where you can find this family logo:

Atoderm shower gel 1L pump



Atoderm Shower Gel

Gently cleanses, protects and restores the skin balance.






Cicabio creamCicabio Cream

Repairs damaged skin, relieves discomfort and reduces itching.


Atoderm cream 500ml pump




Atoderm Cream

Nourish the skin and restores softness ad comfort.





 Node Fluid Shampoo

Nodé fluid

Restores softness, shine and suppleness.









Discover Atoderm

BIODERMA formulated the unique Atoderm range for normal, dry, and irritated atopic sensitive skin. The Atoderm dermo-patented formulas address these specific skin concerns by biologically and lastingly restoring the hydrolipidic film of skin lacking moisture and lipids, even the driest ones!

Discover Cicabio

Damaged skin is susceptible and permeable to irritants. It changes in appearance and weakens at the surface and deep inside. Thanks to its active ingredient AntalgicineTM, Cicabio helps repair irritated skin by acting on each stage of the biological epidermal reconstruction process. It rapidly soothes uncomfortable sensations, reduces the urge to scratch and the skin barrier is visibly and profoundly repaired in a lasting way. 

Discover Nodé

Nodé is the Bioderma Laboratory's 1st biological innovation, and it’s a non-stripping shampoo that respects the biological balance of fragile hair and scalps. Thanks to its gentle cleansing base, made of a unique combination of surfactants and developed in accordance with the Non-Detergent concept, Nodé non-detergent fluid shampoo both cleanses the hair and respects the hydrolipidic film on hair and the scalp. Hair is in perfect health and in a lasting way.

Saving money? Even easier with our special offers!


This month BIODERMA has several special offers for you:

Get 20% off on every BIODERMA product on CH Tralee!

20% of Bioderma products on CH Tralee

Special offer for babies:

- Our ABCDerm baby range is discounted in all the Careplus stores from the 15th of September!

ABCDerm baby range

Special offer for teenagers:

- Get a free Sebium Global for the purchase of the Sebium foaming gel 200ml (in-store only)

free Sébium Global for the purchase of the Sébium foaming gel 200ml