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It is itchy… Help!

The anti-itching reflex
for immediate relief
From birth*, kids, adults, and elderly persons, finally an efficient solution to soothe all kind of itching solution in 60 seconds which lasts 6 hours. The secrets of an innovation that will change your daily life.
Pruritus mechanism
The pruritus designate the itching process in a scientific language. Everything begins in the skin when the nerves send a signal ti the brain which provokes the appearance of inflammation. Scratching is the reflex to that signal, an irrepressible desire which damages the skin, altering the skin's barrier. Those epiderm lesions increase the risk of irritants' and allergens' penetration that will worsen the inflammation and so the urge to scratch. That's why, we must not scratch the itchy skin, even if we really want to!
The biological answer to itchy skin
In keeping with the biological mimetism commitment of Laboratoire BIODERMA,
Atoderm SOS Spray, by its mode of action and its composition, resolves the two dysfunctions associated to itchy skin:
Nerve fibers excitement and skin inflammation
Itching causes and inflammation action
The Skin Relief Techinlogy™ (Ambora and Green tea extract) exclusively developed by BIODERMA, and combined to Enoxolone, a soothing dermatological active ingredient. This complex slows down the itching biological process.
Cutaneous microbiome imbalance
Action for the microbiome balance
The Skin Barrier Therapy™ patent protects the driest skins of the bacteria responsible for the itching proliferation.
Altered skin barrier
Action on the alteration of the skin's barrier
Vitamine PP and squalane bring lipids to reinforce the cutaneous barrier.

Skin soothes without scratching…
Tested and approved!

Atoderm SOS Spray Study– 2017
120 patients (4 skin pathologies: Atopic Dermatitis – Psoriasis – Senile Xerosis – Urticaria) for 21 days
* Except prematures